Boost for salmon in new Norway-EU deal


Norway and the EU have signed a new seafood deal which is expected to lead to an increase in salmon trade.

Much of the deal simply confirms a continuation of the current arrangement, but the big winners are likely to be Norway’s salmon farmers.

Norway’s new Fisheries Minister Cecilie Myrseth said that the EU remains her country’s most important market for seafood, adding that several duty free quotas for important products would continue but the new agreement would also open new quotas for processed and smoked salmon and frozen shelled prawns.

She said the Oslo government had improved the terms of trade for a number of important products that are processed in Norway.

Norway is a member of the EEA, not the EU, but the country retains both close and important links with the European Union, particularly in relation to seafood.

The new agreement will run until 2028 and should see increased Norwegian seafood exports to the country’s European neighbours.

The EU has said It will also create new quotas for processed salmon, smoked salmon and frozen peeled prawns, along with certain types of fish with low tariffs.

The EU will also create new quotas for processed salmon, smoked salmon and frozen shelled prawns, as well as for certain types of fish with low tariffs.

But due to the procedures on the EU side, it may take some time before the new duty free quotas come into force.

Minister Myrseth said: “We have been very explicit with the EU: Norwegian industry must gain access to the duty-free quotas as quickly as possible into 2024.

“We have received promises that the European Commission will do its best for quick processing, but we are not in control of the timing.”


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