Salmon prices on the rise again

Salmon prices in Norway appear to be on the rise again after a period of relative stability. Last week (week 8) figures from Statistics Norway, which monitors prices on a weekly basis, fresh salmon reached NOK 111.25 per kilo (£8.31), the second highest level so far this year and an increase of 3.2% on the…

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Atlantic Sapphire raises a further £27m for Florida site

Florida-based land salmon company Atlantic Sapphire raised around NOK 369m (£27.5m) in a new share issue in Oslo, where the company is listed, last night. The issue at NOK 1.20 per share was fully subscribed with its largest shareholder Nordlaks Holdings of Norway buying shares worth NOK 52m (£3.8m). The extra money will be used…

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UK supermarkets join price fixing action against salmon giants

Fresh atlantic salmon on the supermarket counter

A number of British supermarkets are suing Norway’s main salmon companies following a European Union investigation into price fixing. This latest development was disclosed yesterday by the Lerøy Seafood Group, one of the companies facing action. Lerøy said in its Q4 report that the supermarkets issued claims for damages in the UK earlier this month against several Norwegian…

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Lerøy hit by new fish escape

Up to 5,000 mature salmon are feared to have escaped from a Lerøy facility in central Norway in the past few days. Lerøy Midt says it has informed the authorities of the incident, which is thought to have taken place on Tuesday of this week. Harald Larsen, general manager of Lerøy Midt, said the company has quickly…

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Lerøy in positive mood despite a challenging year

Salmon pens in a blue sea with blue sky

Despite a number of biological challenges, the Lerøy Seafood group delivered better than expected 2023 fourth quarter results, with only a slight dip in profitability. Although lower than a year earlier, the group, which is part owner of Scottish Sea Farms, produced an operational EBIT (operating profit) for Q4, before biomass adjustments, of NOK 765m…

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Måsøval sees revenue, profits up for Q4 but a loss for 2023

A workboat passes fish pens leaving a wake

Norwegian salmon farmer Måsøval has reported a big jump in revenue and operating profit for the final quarter of 2023. The story for the full year was less upbeat, however, with Måsøval recording increased revenue of NOK 2,400m (£180m) compared with NOK 1,992m (£149m), but operational EBIT down 32% to NOK 471.4m (£35m). The group…

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The great masquerade

Fish farm salmon round nets in natural environment Loch Awe Arygll and Bute Scotland

Salmon Scotland Chief Executive Tavish Scott addresses the blurring of the lines between activism and journalism, and highlights the desperate tactics of anti-salmon campaigners Our sector has hundreds of brilliantly talented biologists, veterinarians, hatchery technicians and environmental scientists who deliver the highest standards of animal welfare anywhere in the world. The innovation that has developed…

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Mowi criticised over Norwegian salmon mortality

Mowi is being taken to task by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority over the high number of salmon deaths in central Norway. According to the national broadcaster NRK, around 180,000 fish weighing an average of three kilos died at a single site in just a month (January this year), so the Authority has called on…

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ISA suspected at Lerøy site

Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) is suspected at a Lerøy Seafood site at Frøya in Norway’s Trondelag region. Lerøy Midt AS informed the Norwegian Food Safety Authority of its concerns last week, based on the results of PCR analysis carried out after samples were taken at the site. The operation there had already been closed due to bacterial…

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Oxygenation project at Macquarie Harbour gets underway

Scientists working on a project to restore oxygen levels in Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania say the first stage has proved to be a success. The Macquarie Harbour Oxygenation Project (MHOP) aims to tackle the problem of low dissolved oxygen levels in the Harbour, a large indented lagoon, roughly 33 km long by 9 km wide, and…

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