UK retailers say Norway’s salmon cartel cost them £675m

ASDA supermarket store front

Price-fixing by Norway’s biggest salmon producers cost the UK retailers now suing them £675m. That’s the claim made by the seven supermarket chains that have filed a claim with the UK’s Competition Appeals Tribunal (CAT). It emerged last week, thanks to a trading update from Lerøy Seafood, that a number of UK retailers are taking…

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UK supermarkets join price fixing action against salmon giants

Fresh atlantic salmon on the supermarket counter

A number of British supermarkets are suing Norway’s main salmon companies following a European Union investigation into price fixing. This latest development was disclosed yesterday by the Lerøy Seafood Group, one of the companies facing action. Lerøy said in its Q4 report that the supermarkets issued claims for damages in the UK earlier this month against several Norwegian…

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Fish farmers facing huge fines – if guilty

The six Norwegian salmon companies accused by the EU of price fixing could collectively face fines totalling NOK 13 billion, almost a billion pounds sterling, it has emerged. The EU Commission says they broke competition rules by sharing information on prices and other matters. Potentially, the fines could total 10% of their global annual turnover…

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Salmon’s ‘big six’ to challenge EU price fixing claims

Norway’s “big six” salmon companies have all strongly denied an accusation of price collusion made by the European Commission. The Commission claimed yesterday that the companies broke competition rules by sharing information on prices and salmon volumes. It has sent what is known a statement of objection, also known as an SO, to each of…

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BREAKING – Norway’s salmon ‘big six’ did violate rules, says EU

The European Commission believes that six leading Norwegian salmon producers breached EU anti-trust rules by colluding to distort competition in the market for spot sales of Norwegian farmed Atlantic salmon in the EU. The Commission has advised the producers concerned that this is its “preliminary” view. The companies named are Mowi, SalMar, Grieg Seafood, Bremnes Seashore,…

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