Row over timing for new Slice limits

The Scottish Government has defended its decision to allow a four-year implementation period for new regulations which will reduce the permitted limits for a key sea lice treatment. Environmental campaigners have expressed concern that the new limits will not be imposed sooner. The consultation on a new environmental quality standard (EQS) for emamectin benzoate (EmBz),…

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Fish health chief says sea lice control has improved

man sat in committee room

Action to control sea lice numbers on Scottish fish farms has been successful, partly driven by the new requirement to report lice numbers on a weekly basis.
That is the verdict of Charles Allan, group leader of the Scottish Government’s Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI), in the evidence he gave to the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs and Islands (RAI) Committee.

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Early warning for harmful plankton

plankton seen through a microscope

Following the successful launch of the Live Plankton Analysis System (LPAS) at the recent Aquaculture UK exhibition in Aviemore, OTAQ have received huge interest from the industry, appreciating the value that LPAS provides in combatting the rising threat of harmful algae blooms (‘HABs’).

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