Gearing for growth

New Zealand king salmon farms

New Zealand has ambitions to grow its aquaculture – especially salmon, oysters and mussels. Greenshell mussels have become the source for world famous nutraceutical products and the salmon sector is beginning to branch out into the open ocean.

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Big plans

Norcod box

Norway’s cod farmers are going all out for growth. The industry has set itself the ambitious target of 150,000 tonnes annual production within the next six years. Given recent government restrictions on new cod farming projects, the figure may appear unrealistically high – and probably is – but there is no doubt that the sector is determined to expand big time.

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Taking back control

Border Force Customs

Physical checks on plant and animal products imported from the EU into the UK will start from 30 April. Will the UK’s seafood exporters feel that they have a level playing field at last? Sandy Neil investigates.
The UK left the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union on 31 December 2020, leaving the UK and EU with separate customs and regulatory regimes.

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The speed of reaction

Fish Farm with fish cartoon

Opinion piece by Nick Joy I admit that my mind might not be quite on the job at the moment. Coming back from Sicily by car has been quite an experience. Palermo driving is enough to terrify the most sanguine of people and I have seen enough of the world to know. However, we made…

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Elevate your fish farming with robotics solutions

Boxfish Robotics

Staying competitive in the dynamic fish farming industry requires a comprehensive approach to cover a multitude of inspections. Here to help is ARV-i, a state-of-the-art underwater robot designed by Boxfish Robotics (NZ) and SubC3D (Norway). This single system is engineered to address various operational tasks, enhancing sustainable and responsible aquaculture. Elevate your fish farming with…

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Innovation at sea

Moen Marine hydrogen boat

The marine sector is changing, with alternative fuels and bigger vessels coming onto the market, says Sandy Neil The world’s first hydrogen workboat, the UK’s first 100% electric workboat, the return of shipbuilding to Stornoway, a new super-sized wellboat and a merger between marine operators have all helped to make it an eventful 2023 and…

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Fjords, the Faroes and flying fish

Faroes fish farm

For a small fish farming nation, this rocky archipelago punches above its weight, writes Robert Outram. Additional reporting: Vince McDonagh The Faroese Research establishment formerly known as Fiskaaling has a new name: Firum. To understand why, a brief lesson in the Faroese language is required. As Chief Executive Jóhanna Lava Køtlum explains, “fiskaaling” translates as…

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Smart farming

Cermaq iFarm

Salmon farmers may be slow to experiment with artificial intelligence solutions but Cermaq is one of the leaders, reports Vince McDonagh Norway may be the world leader in aquaculture, but the industry is still too slow in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) into its systems, says a new report. This means Norwegian fish farmers are likely…

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From problem to product

polychaete worm

Sludge from fish farms and hatcheries is seen as waste, but it also contains potentially valuable resources One of the advantages of fish farming with a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is that waste – in its various forms – can be collected rather than ending up in the ocean. The bad news is that it…

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