Elevate your fish farming with robotics solutions

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Staying competitive in the dynamic fish farming industry requires a comprehensive approach to cover a multitude of inspections.

Here to help is ARV-i, a state-of-the-art underwater robot designed by Boxfish Robotics (NZ) and SubC3D (Norway). This single system is engineered to address various operational tasks, enhancing sustainable and responsible aquaculture.

Elevate your fish farming with robotics solutions
• Biomass Calculation: ARV-i’s AI and stereovision technology supports real-time fish population analysis, adhering to Norway’s rigorous fish farming standards.
• Net Monitoring Capability: prevent environmental impact with ARV-i’s  inspection capabilities, allowing to identify issues promptly.
• Asset Monitoring: ARV-i’s proactive asset monitoring alerts you to necessary maintenance requirements, enhancing safety and reducing maintenance costs.
• Environmental Control Capability: ARV-i allows monitoring of various parameters like temperature, oxygen, and more, enabling data-driven farm management and sustainable practices.

Net inspection with the drone

Net inspection with the drone

Easy Operation and Proven Quality
ARV-i is designed with the steadfast reliability that fish farmers depend on. Built on a field-proven, renowned ROV (remotely operated vehicle) platform, it operates autonomously without the need for cables, simplifying usage while upholding the high-quality standards vital to aquaculture. You can obtain immediate, accurate reports and easily analyse data, ensuring your operation remains at the forefront of efficiency and sustainability.

Step into the Future with Confidence
Experience ARV-i for a trusted advancement in your aquaculture operations. Contact us for more information on how ARV-i can enhance your farm’s productivity:
T: +64 9 600 1910  E: info@boxfishrobotics.com

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