Home thoughts

Nick Joy is not against regulation but, he argues, it would be good to have a clear timetable for any reforms. Here I am, sitting on a big ferry, returning […] Continue Reading

Shades of green

The platform thrashed out by the SNP and the Scottish Greens is dangerously vague, argues Hamish Macdonell It’s all in the detail. Or, rather, in the case of the SNP-Green […] Continue Reading

Fishy statistics

Dr Martin Jaffa asks: has the pandemic reversed the long decline in fresh fish consumption? A new report commissioned by the Alaskan Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) would seem to suggest […] Continue Reading

Never-ending Brexit

The UK’s European divorce continues to have repercussions for the salmon industry It always used to be said that Scottish devolution was “a process not an event”. Well, it seems […] Continue Reading

Huffing and puffin

Our favourite seabirds are facing a shortage of sand eels, but please don’t blame the fish farmers. On 15 May 2021, the Herald newspaper included a two-page commercial feature placed […] Continue Reading