The feed conundrum

There have been great strides forward in aquafeed, but the industry will need to continue looking for even better solutions. When I was first in the industry, feed was pelletised […] Continue Reading

Disappearing act

A statistical glitch meant figures for Scottish salmon exported to the EU in January were wildly wrong, but it took a while for HMRC to realise there was a problem. […] Continue Reading

Chicken feed

Maybe it’s time to revisit a bright idea from the 1990s? Industry critics regularly refer to comments, made by the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Economy and Connectivity (REC) Committee in 2018, […] Continue Reading

Party pledges

Back in the early days of the Scottish Parliament, manifesto launches were a big deal. They signalled the kick-off of the campaign. They set the tone and they were important; […] Continue Reading

Unfair game

Earlier this month, I came across a headline in the Mail on Sunday that declared: “Listen to country folk – we know our land best”. This was a piece written […] Continue Reading