Data will drive the fish farm of the future

As technological advancements continue and costs become more accessible, how are traditional and modern fisheries adopting data-driven approaches and intelligent systems into their production processes? This will be one of the key themes at the Blue Food Innovation Summit, taking place in London on May 21-22. Leveraging data, automation, and cutting-edge tech like IoT, Big…

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Now Cermaq is forced to cull 900,000 young salmon

Cermaq has become the latest large Norwegian salmon company to be hit by a major biological issue. The company said yesterday it has been forced to cull 900,000 fish with wounds in six cages at its facility near Hammerfest. The fish weigh around 500 grammes on average. Earlier this week the Lerøy Seafood group reported…

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60-year salmon study helps understand a species under threat

The most detailed long-term study ever carried out of Atlantic salmon in a Scottish river valley has yielded valuable insights, say researchers at the University of Aberdeen. The data covers six decades’ worth of data on salmon populations and river conditions in Girnock Burn, Royal Deeside. Atlantic salmon have long been identified as a threatened…

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Alternative aquafeed needs ‘complementary’ approach

There is no single solution to finding alternative protein sources for aquafeed, according to a study into options for reducing the sector’s dependence on marine ingredients. The study, published this week in the academic journal Reviews in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture, was led by led by Dr Brett Glencross Technical Director at the marine ingredients…

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Hofseth’s mountain farm plan faces criticism

Resistance is growing against a plan to build a huge land based salmon facility at a former mountain mining site in Norway. The project, which will trade as World Heritage Salmon, is being opposed by a number of environmental groups, however. The latest to come out against it this week is the national archive organisation,…

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Norwegian salmon prices flat as Easter approaches

Roasted salmon and green beans for Easter brunch

The price of fresh salmon in Norway has fallen for the fourth consecutive week and is now at its lowest point since the end of January. According to Statistics Norway, which monitors prices in a regular basis, the fresh variety was down to NOK 106.19 per kilo (£7.88) last week (week 11). Just a month…

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Microbubbles help to keep oysters pathogen-free

France Naissain image

In the perpetual battle against pathogen development, France Naissain has decided to invest in the Coldep system for the purification of its oysters. The goal is to further enhance the purification of products before shipment. A low-energy technology is used to filter seawater. The injection of compressed air into a closed-water circuit under vacuum creates…

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ANB Sensors Utility offers seamless communication

ANB Sensors image

Introducing ANB Sensors Utility, the latest enhancement from ANB Sensors designed to enrich user experience significantly. This utility allows users to update their sensors effortlessly, with the latest firmware automatically downloaded from Users can seamlessly download data from the sensor and communicate through a command line prompt option, allowing quick access to the primary…

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Faroes producer wins maximum four-star BAP accolade

Fish farmer Hiddenfjord has become the first salmon company in the Faroe Islands to achieve the maximum BAP four-star designation following the certification of its freshwater hatchery, Fútaklettur. BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) is a third-party certification program developed by the Global Seafood Alliance, an international, not-for-profit trade association headquartered in the United States, dedicated to…

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