Thinking inside the box

Second-hand shipping containers have found all sorts of uses, from schools and theatres to pools and labs. Now, thanks to Finland’s Natural Resources Institute, we can add another: a prototype […] Continue Reading

Heart of the matter

One of the biggest threats to farmed salmon is not what you might expect. Every year, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of fish die from a little-discussed cardiac disease, cardiomyopathy […] Continue Reading

Solid progress

Scottish aquaculture made excellent progress in almost eliminating the use of “critically important antibiotics” last year, according to an independent report. Norway, the world’s largest salmon farming country, can also […] Continue Reading

Nothing wasted

Fish farming byproducts have the potential to increase the sustainability of aquaculture and contribute to other sectors – such as food, diet supplements, animal feed and cosmetics – according to […] Continue Reading

Innovation ahoy!

Sustainable development of the aquaculture sector can help contribute to national food security while helping to meet lower carbon emissions from our food, so it is not surprising that efforts […] Continue Reading

Aquaculture bounces back

The Global Seafood Alliance (GSA) Conference – notionally in Seattle this year, but actually online –  saw the unveiling of the GSA’s global aquaculture production surveys and forecast, covering finfish […] Continue Reading

Flying the flag

Spain and South Korea will be the main targets next year as the Norwegian Seafood Council unveils another massive marketing budget. The organisation has set aside just over NOK 300m […] Continue Reading

Long live the kingfish

November saw another milestone for The Kingfish Company and its planned recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) project in the north-eastern United States, with an important real estate deal. The purchase of […] Continue Reading