Leading politicians back aquaculture’s future

Politicians from two parties have voiced their support for Scotland’s salmon sector at the Aquaculture UK trade show this week. Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar and the SNP’s Employment and Investment Minister, Tom Arthur, were among those to attend the UK’s biggest aquaculture event, in Aviemore.

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Campaigners challenge ‘protected’ rule change for Scottish salmon

Close up on a whole raw salmon on wooden background

Environmental charity Wildfish has formally appealed against a change in the rules on what can be called “Scottish salmon”. Last month the UK Government approved a request to amend the “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) for “Scottish farmed salmon” to “Scottish salmon”. The PGI rules set out strict criteria for regional food products, specifying not only…

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Brokering a better Brexit deal

Port of Dover

Salmon Scotland Chief Executive Tavish Scott says the coming general election is an opportunity to reset the UK’s relationship with the EU and smooth the vital flow of trade The Brexit debate that so dominated our politics not so long ago has taken something of a backseat in the past couple of years. But many…

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What’s in a name? Rather more, as from today

Sandwich, toast with smoked salmon and cream cheese on white plate, with Scottish flag. Marble background. Top view.

Scotland’s fish farmers have succeeded in their bid to strengthen the rules over what is allowed to be called “Scottish salmon”. The UK Government has agreed to amend the “protected geographical indication” (PGI) for “Scottish farmed salmon” to “Scottish salmon”. This means that any product described in this way will have to meet strict criteria.…

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Salmon farm staff clear 23 tonnes of litter from Scottish beaches

Volunteers from Scottish salmon farms cleared away more than 23 tonnes of litter from Highlands and islands beaches last year, as part of efforts to keep the areas they live and work clean. Data compiled from last year’s efforts has been published today by industry body Salmon Scotland. Salmon farmers take part in regular beach…

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Fish farms are part of the solution

Wild salmon leaping out water

Jon Gibb says the aquaculture sector is one of the few that has demonstrated its willingness to help save the king of fish Bob Dylan famously sang: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” This is exactly how I feel in the twilight years of a career managing wild salmon…

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Brexit ‘costs industry up to £100m a year’, Salmon Scotland chief says

Brexit has cost Scotland up to £100m each year in “lost” salmon exports, according to the industry body, Salmon Scotland. That’s what the organisation’s Chief Executive, Tavish Scott, will be telling MSPs in the Scottish Parliament today. He will be addressing MSPs on the Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee as part of their…

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Award launched to recognise salmon farming’s rising stars

A new award, backed by the salmon industry and academia, will recognise the achievements of young people working in aquaculture. The Young Aquaculture Society (YAS)’s Early Career Innovators Competition is being launched by the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture (IoA), trade body Salmon Scotland and Diversified Communications, organisers of the Aquaculture UK trade show…

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Ministers praise Norway-UK partnership

Fisheries ministers from Norway and the UK have stressed the mutual importance of the seafood trading relationship between the two countries – but trade body Salmon Scotland has said the playing field needs to be more level. Cecilie Myrseth, Norway’s Fisheries and Oceans Minister, and Mark Spencer, UK Fisheries Minister (pictured), were speaking at last…

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