Campaigners challenge ‘protected’ rule change for Scottish salmon

Close up on a whole raw salmon on wooden background

Environmental charity Wildfish has formally appealed against a change in the rules on what can be called “Scottish salmon”. Last month the UK Government approved a request to amend the “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) for “Scottish farmed salmon” to “Scottish salmon”. The PGI rules set out strict criteria for regional food products, specifying not only…

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What’s in a name? Rather more, as from today

Sandwich, toast with smoked salmon and cream cheese on white plate, with Scottish flag. Marble background. Top view.

Scotland’s fish farmers have succeeded in their bid to strengthen the rules over what is allowed to be called “Scottish salmon”. The UK Government has agreed to amend the “protected geographical indication” (PGI) for “Scottish farmed salmon” to “Scottish salmon”. This means that any product described in this way will have to meet strict criteria.…

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Salmon Scotland calls for change in ‘protected’ status wording

Industry body Salmon Scotland has confirmed that it has asked for the phrase “farmed” to be removed from the sector’s “protected geographical indication”, the rules which set out which products can be sold as “Scottish salmon”. A protected geographical indication (PGI) can apply to any food, drink and agricultural product with a geographical connection or…

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