Stark numbers


The latest report from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute indicates that the industry is still failing to get a grip on salmon and trout mortalities. Vince McDonagh reports The figures are stark and speak for themselves – and should worry not just salmon farmers in Norway, but the industry internationally. The Norwegian Veterinary Institute last month…

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Can you fillet?

Processing fish

Norway’s ban on the export of ‘inferior’ quality salmon is being challenged by the countries who want to process it, reports Vince McDonagh Is Norway heading for a potentially damaging dispute with the European Union (EU) over the sale of production fish? Commonly known as prodfish, this term is mainly given to salmon that have…

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Nordic Aqua Partners completes first commercial China harvest

Nordic Aqua Partners China site

Nordic Aqua Partners has announced the successful completion of its first commercial harvest of Atlantic salmon produced at its facility in Gaotang, eastern China. The company described the achievement as a major operational milestone for Nordic Aqua which would now be introducing the Nordic PureAtlantic brand to the growing Chinese market. Chief executive officer Ragnar…

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EU salmon processors increase prod-fish pressure

Prod fish

European Union salmon processors are demanding that Norway calls an end to the ban on exporting “prod” or damaged fish. The joint call, has come from the EU Salmon Processors Union which includes key countries such as Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. The Norwegian authorities, and much of its salmon industry, is so far resisting…

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Norwegian salmon prices hit new record

Fresh seafood on crushed ice at fish market. Raw salmon fillet on display counter at store.

Fresh salmon prices hit an all time record in Norway last week, although there are signs the surge could be over. They soared to NOK 123.28 per kilo during week 15, an increase of NOK 3.34 per kilo or 2.2% on the previous week. The official figures from Statistics Norway are generally an average so…

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Safe to eat

The latest round of testing shows that Norway’s farmed fish are still safe for consumers, as Vince McDonagh reports Farmed fish is free of illegal substances and safe to eat, research by the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research has found. The organisation carried out the work, which mostly took place in 2022, on behalf of…

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Grieg pioneer dies aged 91

Per Grieg (pictured), the former head of the Grieg Group, which includes the Grieg fish farming business, has died just short of his 92nd birthday. He was not only one of Norway’s great business personalities, but also a major supporter of good causes at home and overseas. Grieg Seafood today is one of Norway’s leading…

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China overtaking Japan in salmon consumption

China has taken over from Japan as the leading Asian market for Norwegian salmon, new data shows. So far this year Norway’s salmon farmers have sold 60% more salmon to China than over the same time before the pandemic. The Norwegian Seafood Council says: “When such things happen it is important to be on the…

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Just Plug and Play!

Owatec offers efficient wastewater and sludge management for aquaculture The new EU Taxonomy will regulate the import of goods and services within the EU area. For Norwegian seafood industries this will mean barriers to trade from the beginning of 2024. Owatec Group’s innovative, environmentally conscious, and cost-efficient solution for this challenge will help the businesses…

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Balancing chemistry and technology

Alumichem is proud to collaborate closely with the aquaculture industry, where wastewater treatment plays a pivotal role in ensuring both sustainability and success. The company’s experience in water treatment has illuminated the significance of harmonising chemistry and technology in this process. Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) offer exceptional potential for high-quality seafood production with minimal environmental…

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