Stuck in the slow lane

A pilot scheme suggests that digitising export paperwork could save producers time and money. Since the end of the Brexit transition period, increased bureaucracy has added an extra £3m each […] Continue Reading

Declaration of trust

The Öxarfjörður region on the North East coast of Iceland, encircled by volcanic mountain ranges, is about as remote as a traveller to that country is likely to get. The […] Continue Reading

Climate solution

Aquaculture is one industry that can actively reduce greenhouse gases, a report has found. Here’s why. Seafood from marine farms using the right practices represents a climate-friendly option for consumers. […] Continue Reading

Catching up

When it comes to using the ocean as a sustainable source of food, Europe is trailing well behind other parts of the world, the European Union says. Now, the EU […] Continue Reading

Desert dreams

The Arabian Peninsula is a forbidding place most of the year – even for those who call it home. Searing hot winds, temperatures almost half way to boiling point and […] Continue Reading

Islands in the stream

Along with his brother Regin, Atli Gregersen, co-owner and Managing Director of the Faroese salmon farming company Hiddenfjord, represents the third generation at the helm of his family’s business. Hiddenfjord […] Continue Reading

Winning hearts and minds

After several years of trying to interest parliamentarians in our small sector, we have finally succeeded in getting an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Shellfish Aquaculture off the ground. Thanks […] Continue Reading

Power play

After the high drama around the NTS boardroom in recent weeks, no-one can say that fish farming is dull. It has been a tale with more twists and turns than […] Continue Reading

An elementary solution

How can seafood consumers know that what they’re eating is what they’ve paid for, and how can seafood producers assure that their product is authentic? In the latest development, the […] Continue Reading