Filling the gap

Aquafeed is big business. The 2022 Alltech Agri-Food Outlook, based on data from more than 140 countries, estimates that international feed tonnage – for livestock and aquaculture combined – increased […] Continue Reading

A new take on FIFO

A recent study from researchers at three UK universities (Cambridge, Lancaster and Liverpool) and the NGO Feedback Global argued that humans should be consuming small pelagic fish like sardines and […] Continue Reading

Ocean expertise

The Global Underwater Hub (GUH) is a new strategic, intelligence-led organisation aiming to transform the UK’s £8bn underwater industry into one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the country, […] Continue Reading

Game changer

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, an experimental fish farming system aims to identify individual fish in a pen, recording health and growth data for each one. The company operating […] Continue Reading

Stuck in the slow lane

A pilot scheme suggests that digitising export paperwork could save producers time and money. Since the end of the Brexit transition period, increased bureaucracy has added an extra £3m each […] Continue Reading

Declaration of trust

The Öxarfjörður region on the North East coast of Iceland, encircled by volcanic mountain ranges, is about as remote as a traveller to that country is likely to get. The […] Continue Reading

Climate solution

Aquaculture is one industry that can actively reduce greenhouse gases, a report has found. Here’s why. Seafood from marine farms using the right practices represents a climate-friendly option for consumers. […] Continue Reading

Catching up

When it comes to using the ocean as a sustainable source of food, Europe is trailing well behind other parts of the world, the European Union says. Now, the EU […] Continue Reading