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HS Marine - crane

Because they are designed with long life and suitability for marine use in mind, HS.MARINE cranes represent a lower cost of ownership

The growth of HS.MARINE continues in 2024. The Italian manufacturer of marine cranes has been rewarded by the market for the reliability of its production and the low cost of ownership.

Stefano Forni, co-founder of the company and Managing Director, explains: “In 2023, we had a growth of 60%, the same increasing percentage that we also estimate for the current year. It is a goal that rewards the efforts that HS.MARINE has put in place over time.

“It was thanks to the preparation of the structures that we started years ago, and to the intensive training that we have been implementing for the last four years, that we have been able to achieve this result. But without highly specialised workers attentive to every detail in both production and processing,” continues Forni, “It would not have been possible to record a growth like the one we are experiencing.”

Among the interventions implemented, a special mention must go to the expansion of the spare parts stock, which has almost doubled to.

HS Marine - crane

This has reduced waiting times linked to deliveries from suppliers and further speeded up the service.

Careful strategic planning is also very important for HS.MARINE, which has allowed the Viadana company to meet the new challenges of the market and increase its customer base.

Forni underlines: “We always try to anticipate the market and its requests. One of our strengths is to be very flexible and we know that ‘quality always pays back’. Of course flexibility and quality are the result of the knowledge and the quality of HS.MARINE people.

“The market sought us out because it appreciates and recognises the quality of our product, its reliability and the resulting low cost of ownership. It is certainly no coincidence that in a context of significant turnover growth, we have managed to improve the company’s efficiency and further increase quality by introducing new procedures both for suppliers and for ourselves”.

Among the company’s advantages of HS.MARINE, is its highly specialised technical office, completely focused on the marine sector.

As Forni puts it: “Observing the lifespan of the cranes on the marine market and the costs of the service at sea, HS.MARINE understood that reliability and safety were the main differences between a marine design and a so called ‘marinised’ design.

“So HS.MARINE decided to develop a specific design for the application and to focus on quality solutions and on the quality of the components. All crane designs have been specially developed and improved for operation in the marine environment with a particular attention to fish farming activity.

HS Marine - crane

“All structures have been designed to take up heavy lateral forces and to have flexibility, but a low value of deflection under load. All parts have been designed and protected for easy maintenance.

“Each crane component, and each crane part, has been selected and designed for long life. I repeat: ours are not former marinised truck cranes. Ours are cranes specially designed for fish farming.”

Forni says: “At first they may seem more expensive, perhaps we have a premium price, but at the end we are the cheapest solution because, unlike other cranes, ours are designed to last and therefore we have the lowest cost of ownership on the market”.

And looking at the fish farming sector, he concludes: “It is one of the sectors where we have grown the most and for which we expect growth, of our market share, by least 100% in the next year.”

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