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The electric Fluggaboat is coming back to Aviemore

Unst Inshore Services Ltd are exhibiting the 100% electric Fluggaboat again at Aquaculture UK 2024. We will also have a representative from Evoy, who make the propulsion system. He is there to help us on our stand and answer any questions you may have.

At the last Aquaculture UK exhibition we did not have the boat trialled and so could not guarantee its performance. We now know what the boat can do, and we have also been able to code the boat to MCA Cat 5, so the boat is fully compliant with WB3 and ready to go.

4 man workboat

4 man workboat

The top speed is 30 knots, but the most economical speed is 25 knots. A slower speed will enhance the range a little, but at 25 knots the range is 15 nm. The touch screen dash panel gives a good indication of the battery’s state of charge, and use, speed and available range are constantly updated. Motor rpm and Kw are also displayed.

The boat is a viable unit and is no different to that which farms expect as far as performance and handling is concerned. In heavy use the range can be enhanced by top ups at a feed barge or shore base through the day if this is necessary, but an overnight charge should see the boat operate through the next day without issue.

We are still building our standard top quality boats with petrol or diesel engines, if that is what is needed, including both cabin or open boats to the customer’s requirement and coding to suit.

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