The war on lice

Lice entering tank

Technology is opening up a number of potential fronts in the struggle to keep farmed fish lice-free Early warning could help salmon farmers take timely action to reduce sea lice numbers before their stock becomes infested with the parasites. Clearly, assessing the levels of sea lice by counting the lice attached to salmon in a…

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A global game changer

The innovative closed floating fish farming system FishGLOBE is proving its excellence FishGLOBE, the ground-breaking closed floating fish farming system has now been in operation for two generations outside of Stavanger, Norway and the results are better than its developers could have imagined. The technology is also giving fish farmers the tool they need for…

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Ace Aquatec tackling sea lice

Scottish technology innovator Ace Aquatec is developing a more sustainable approach to sea lice removal. The company’s sea lice removal system uses multiple different methods within a single containerised unit. This multi-technique approach minimises the risk of lice developing resistance over time; something that can happen with solutions relying primarily on a single removal technique.…

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