RS Aqua shortlisted in two Aquaculture Award categories 

Dr Ryan Mowat, Director of Innovation at RS Aqua (pictured).

In May all roads lead to Aquaculture UK 2024, where leading aquaculture supplier RS Aqua has been shortlisted for two prestigious awards: “Supplier of the Year” and the “Collaboration award” (the latter in conjunction with Innovasea, Scottish Sea Farms, and UKRI). At the conference, attendees will get an opportunity to explore the full range of…

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RS Aqua brings the first automated gas systems to Scotland

In the coming months RS Aqua will start supplying Innovasea’s new aquaControl Oxygenation & Aeration Systems into Scotland. These systems are the first in the world to feature digital control panels and round-the-clock automation of the oxygen supply. They build on Innovasea’s wireless environmental systems, which are already in operation on more than 80 Scottish…

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RS Aqua provide real time current data to salmon farms

RS Aqua has supplied the first real-time current profiler into Scotland for use with Innovasea’s real-time Aquaculture Intelligence system. The profiler is a Nortek Aquadopp Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). Nortek ADCPs are world leading, but are generally deployed independently and record data internally. Innovasea’s system streams data to the salmon farm manager’s phone or…

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