The speed of reaction

Fish Farm with fish cartoon

Opinion piece by Nick Joy I admit that my mind might not be quite on the job at the moment. Coming back from Sicily by car has been quite an experience. Palermo driving is enough to terrify the most sanguine of people and I have seen enough of the world to know. However, we made…

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Why we need exports

Nick Joy salmon image

By Nick Joy Travelling to Europe is a wonderful thing for widening the mind but also reminding me how much we continue to depend on the good taste of our customers. In Italy, where I am just now, it is the norm to spend 10% to 14% of income on food and this does not…

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The nation’s favourite fish

By Nick Joy I may be suffering a little bit, not as you may think from overindulgence for a change but because I went for a long hill walk with friends on New Year’s Day (suffering from the effects of overindulgence). So today my old bones are feeling rather sore from reminding myself just how…

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An unholy alliance

Over the last decade, it has become clear that our country is developing a worse and worse climate for business. Government is populated by people who simply don’t understand that industry employs most of the populace and pays most of the taxes, directly or indirectly. Much more worryingly, these people also do not understand the…

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