Big fish, little fish

Big fish eating little fish

The salmon sector in Norway appears to be embarking on a journey that Scottish producers took many years ago – the journey of evolving from being an industry of many producers to just a handful.

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One sided

Wild salmon

A new podcast on the future of wild salmon features numerous guests, but only one narrow viewpoint, argues Dr Martin Jaffa.

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Counter argument

Varieties of seafood

An article in the Guardian newspaper looked at why people reject so much of the bountiful catches from the sea in favour of the same few species. The article asks how reliance on just a handful of popular fish species can be changed.

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But where are the lice?

Loch Linnhe

Modelling for the supposed prevalence of sea lice is not backed up by samples taken in the field, says Dr Martin Jaffa Congratulations to the Fish Farmer magazine team for hosting their first Aqua Agenda webinar, which took place in January. The subject was fish health (see the report starting on page 46 of this…

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