Supply chain resilience

Aerial view Holywood Breeding Centre, with Dumfries in background

When Scotland banned the import of Norwegian salmon eggs in 2019, due to a perceived risk of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA), AquaGen Scotland immediately stepped up efforts to support the domestic industry by using local salmon populations to duplicate the breeding work of its parent company in Norway.

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Story telling

Aquafeed panel: (From left) Jane Byrne, Feed Navigator; Chris Ninnes, ASC; Laurent Develle, Regal Springs; Louise Buttle, DESM-Firmenich, Clément Ray, Innovafeed; and Douglas Martin, MiAlgae

Aquaculture needs to get better at explaining itself, but there were plenty of great narratives at the Blue Food Innovation Summit, as Robert Outram reports.

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Seafood Scotland appoints new boss

SEAFOOD Scotland, the national trade body, has appointed Donna Fordyce as its interim head, replacing Patrick Hughes, who has been in the role since January 2017. Fordyce has been Seafood Scotland’s industry engagement specialist for the past two years, working closely with businesses to identify new market opportunities. She is already engaged with the industry…

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Talks to defuse scallop dispute

BRITAIN and France were holding talks in London today to try to avoid a repeat of the recent violent clashes in the so called scallop war. English and Scottish vessels fishing for scallops off the coast of Normandy came under attack last week from French fishermen, who threw rocks and flares to drive them out…

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Fishermen flag up strong Brexit deal

THOUSANDS of flags and stickers are appearing at fishing ports across the UK with the Brexit message ‘No Sell-Out’, as withdrawal negotiations with the EU edge towards a critical stage. UK fishing groups hope the move will encourage British negotiators to stand firm against pressure from Brussels to maintain the status quo on access and…

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