ANB Sensors Utility offers seamless communication

ANB Sensors image

Introducing ANB Sensors Utility, the latest enhancement from ANB Sensors designed to enrich user experience significantly. This utility allows users to update their sensors effortlessly, with the latest firmware automatically downloaded from Users can seamlessly download data from the sensor and communicate through a command line prompt option, allowing quick access to the primary…

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ANB rolls out new sensor interface

ANB Sensors has unveiled the first images of the new graphical user interface (GUI) for the company’s multi-parameter, calibration-free sensors. Navigating the interface is intuitive, making data inspection seamless and visually pleasing. Users can effortlessly monitor pH, temperature, and salinity metrics in real-time. The GUI’s minimalist design ensures accessibility for users of all levels, taking…

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Water monitoring at its most effective

ANB Sensors presents innovative accessories to enhance the company’s calibration-free water quality sensors The intelligent battery housings accommodate lithium-ion batteries and are rated up to 900m depth. With a built-in power management system and battery voltage monitor, they ensure prolonged lifetimes, whilst the onboard datalogger simplifies data retrieval. The flow adapter streamlines sensor integration into…

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