Garware Technical Fibres launches new coatable braided nets

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Garware Technical Fibres has launched the industry’s first coatable HDPE braided knotted net that can be painted with traditional water-based antifouling paints.

Nets made with HDPE fibres have low surface energy (poor wettability) thereby making it hard to paint using water-based antifouling paints, unlike nylon nets that have high surface energy (good wettability). As surface energy increases the spreading and adhesion behaviour of water-based antifouling paints increases.

Garware’s V4 technology has made it possible to alter the surface properties without changing the bulk properties of the polyolefin material. V4 Technology increases the surface energy of the polyolefin fibre thus allowing the water-based antifouling paints to spread on the net surface and adhere.

Full scale trials conducted in Scotland showed similar antifouling performance (100 days in peak summer period) for both V4 treated CBN-CFR nets (braided knotted net) and nylon knotless net. “This is a great result,” said Pål Korneliussen, Country Manager, Norway. As Korneliussen explained, Garware’s Sapphire CFR (High Density Polyethylene) nets, braided knotted, are showing excellent efficacy against dogfish attacks in Norway, however one limitation for fish farmers is not being able to antifoul the nets. Farmers need to stick with in-situ cleaning strategy.

Garware’s polyethylene nets with antifouling property retains its strength over a longer duration as compared to hydrophilic nylon nets, which provides great flexibility for fish farmers to switch between antifouling painting and in-situ cleaning strategy based on site and regulatory conditions,” said Olav Overeng, Technical Advisor at Garware’s Norway branch. Garware has sold over 100 Coatable Braided HDPE Nets to the salmon farming industry, and they are delivering excellent performance, in terms of antifouling paint performance as well as protection against predator attacks.



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