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Efficient cleantech for wastewater and sludge management with online platform

Owatec offers efficient wastewater and sludge management for aquaculture

The new EU Taxonomy will regulate the import of goods and services within the EU area. For Norwegian seafood industries this will mean barriers to trade from the beginning of 2024.

Owatec Group’s innovative, environmentally conscious, and cost-efficient solution for this challenge will help the businesses to run as usual, and protect the environment, as contamination levels in industrial waters will be mitigated and managed to the required levels.


1.  Validation
– Site Visit and Assessment​
– Laboratory Scale Tests​
– Tailored Solutions to Meet the Determined Objectives
– Estimated CAPEX and OPEX for Wastewater Treatment

2.  Piloting
– Implementing and Testing at Full Scale​
– Fine-Tuning for Maximum Efficiency

3.  Delivery
– All-in-one Wastewater Treatment Solution
– Ensuring Compliance and Sustainability​
– Wastewater Treatment as a Service or
– Investment Option​

CLEANTECH with online platform guarantees

SAVINGS – Clear water, low wastewater costs.
LOW INFRA – Cleantech in sea containers.
RELIABILITY – In-house engineering.
OPTIMIZED PROCESSES – Realtime follow up and remote control.


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