SalMar and Lerøy report increased harvests for 2021

Lerøy Seafood farm

Leading salmon producers Lerøy and SalMar have each reported increased harvests for 2021, with year-on-year growth also in production for the fourth quarter.

For 2021, Lerøy’s total farmed harvest was 186,600 tonnes (GWT), up around 9% on the previous year.

Lerøy’s farmed output for Q4 was 51,300 tonnes, up around 6% on the previous year. Around 8,000 tonnes of this was trout and the rest, salmon. The breakdown by region for Q4 was: Lerøy Aurora 14,100 tonnes (Q4 2020: 14,800); Lerøy Midt 18,300 tonnes (Q4 2020: 15,600); Lerøy Sjøtroll 18,900 (Q4 2020: 17,900).

Lerøy’s wild catch volume was 17,100 tonnes for Q4 (Q4 2020: 170,800) and the total for 2021 was 71,500 (2020: 68,400). Just over half of this was cod.

Meanwhile, SalMar recorded a harvest of 56,300 tonnes for Q4 (Q4 2020: 43,600). The breakdown by region was: Farming Central Norway 34,600 tonnes; Farming Northern Norway 17,500 tonnes; and Icelandic Salmon 4,200 tonnes.

SalMar’s total harvest for 2021 was 181,900 tonnes (2020: 161,500). The breakdown by region was: Farming Central Norway 110,700 tonnes; Farming Northern Norway 59,800 tonnes; and Icelandic Salmon 11,400 tonnes.

SalMar and Lerøy are co-owners of Scottish Sea Farms, which reports separate figures.

Lerøy’s full Q4 report will be published on 17 February, and SalMar’s on the following day.