Feed additives can help win the battle against disease

Commercial aquaculture species suffer from a variety of bacterial infections and parasites which cause serious economic losses. Skin mucus is the first barrier by which fish is protected from the attack of pathogens. There is a constant battle between the adhesion and growth of bacteria and parasites, and the renewal and defensive properties of the mucus

The skin mucus defensive mechanism is composed of physical and biochemical barriers that can be bolstered by health-promoting functional additives. APEX® BRANCHIA is a health promotor based on synergistic natural compounds, which through multiple mechanisms such as enhanced antioxidant, detoxifying, and antimicrobial capacities of skin mucus, can reinforce the mucus barrier

Recent studies have demonstrated high efficacy in inhibiting growth of opportunistic bacteria and reducing ectoparasite infection rates. The supplementation of APEX® BRANCHIA is a key element for prevention strategies aiming at reducing the impact of infections and parasites on productivity in fish farming.