New brand for Mexico’s Earth Ocean Farms

Earth Ocean Farms' Totoaba Santomar

Earth Ocean Farms, the Mexican company focused on regenerative aquaculture, has a new brand identity: “Totoaba Santomar”.

This will be the consumer-facing brand for its main product, farmed totoaba (Totoaba macdonaldi).

Earth Ocean Farms (EOF) is based in Baja California, Mexico and raises totoaba, red snapper and oysters in the sea of Cortez. Totoaba is a native Mexican species which EOF is marketing as a premium seafood product.

The company says: “Its exquisite white, firm, and juicy flesh, which melts in the mouth, stands out for its unmatched versatility that gives room for creativity to prepare countless dishes with all kinds of methods ranging from steaming, grilling, broiling, baking or even eaten raw in slices of different thicknesses – always delicious.”

EOF stresses the sustainability and traceability of its fish, with a unique QR code for each individual, which certifies and provides transparency about its origin and harvest.

Pablo Konietzko, CEO of Santomar, said: “This new brand represents an important step towards generating a healthy ocean, helping to restore endemic species, and promoting economic growth in our region. Santomar is the name that defines our identity today, a wise choice, as it honours and shows the deep respect we have for our sea, its species, and its people.”

Earth Ocean Farms totoaba cages, Mexico

The brand name combines the Spanish words for “saint” and “sea”, and the company’s new slogan is “Sit mare gloria” (“glory to the sea”).

The company says its meticulous processes, ensuring absolute traceability, from the handling of broodstock to the production of juvenile totoabas, guarantee optimal conditions for their breeding making them available 52 weeks of the year.

Santomar cultivates the totoabas in marine nurseries, structures that take advantage of the latest technology in regenerative aquaculture to offer an environment and habitat in the depth of the sea that favours the well-being and growth of the species.

The cages are submersible and located in offshore areas of the sea, far from the coast, where the water is deep and the currents are strong.

The company actively collaborates with research centres, government agencies, environmental organisations, private companies, and fishermen for the conservation of the seas, the reconstruction of fisheries and new aquaculture production techniques.


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