European award for leading fish farmer


Salmon farming veteran Paul Birger Torgnes has been honoured by the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), in recognition of a career that goes back to the early days of the industry in the 1980s.

Torgnes was announced as the recipient of the FEAP Award for 2024, at the organisation’s annual general meeting in Istanbul last week.

The FEAP Award represents the recognition by the federation of the exceptional contribution, by an individual, to the development of fish farming in Europe. The person selected to receive this acknowledgement is decided by the previous recipients of the award, following proposals received from national fish farming associations throughout Europe.

Paul Birgner Torgnes has been involved in salmon farming  in Norway as well as in Chile, UK and other countries, over the last few decades.

He is still active in his family-owned company, producing salmon in Norway, and has also been involved in farming of other species, such as sea bass and sea bream in Turkey.

With a broad experience and involvement in commercial activities in many European countries, he has also promoted and securing the interests for aquaculture at a national, European and global level for many years.

An active member in national and pan-European organisations, his career as aquaculture organisations representative included several key positions such as:

  • General Secretary in The Norwegian Fish Farmers Association for eight years
  • Vice President and other positions in FEAP for approx. 15 years
  • President and Vice President in The International Salmon Farmers Association (ISFA) for six years
  • Chairman/Mayor in The Norwegian Seafood Federation for approx. 20 years
  • President for The Norwegian Seafood Federation for two years

FEAP said: “He has undoubtedly delivered a huge endeavour on behalf of FEAP’s members and the European aquaculture activities. FEAP as an organisation and the European aquaculture businesses have indeed seen the value of his efforts for many years, which are well worthy of being honoured in this edition of the FEAP Excellence Awards.”

The FEAP AGM was co-organised with the Turkish organisations Aegean Exporters’ Union, Mediterranean Export’ Union, and Istanbul Exporters’ Association. More than 50 delegates attended representing 18 countries and 20 national aquaculture associations and organisations, as well as invited experts from other networks and projects.

From left: Lara Barazi Geroulanou; Paul Birger Torgnes; and Marco Gilmozzi at the FEAP AGM 2024


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