The Green Sea is back, and ready to service

M/V Green Sea Service has, with great success, visited a wide range of fish farming sites along the Scottish west coast

A Norwegian company is helping Scottish salmon farmers with effective, safe delousing

Facts about Green Sea Service
• Established in Kristiansand, Norway, in 2019 with managing director Stian Espeland as one of the co-owners.
• Stable operations and good financial results from the first year of operation. The majority of assignments are located in Scotland.
• Utilises leading FLS technology in delousing, which has particularly positive effects on fish welfare and no impact on cleaner fish.

Norway is the world’s largest producer of salmon, while Scotland ranks third and is the second largest in Europe. Fish farming has become a high-tech industry where small changes can have significant impacts, placing increasingly high demands on suppliers and fish farmers themselves. Luckily for the aquaculture industry in Scotland, there is a Norwegian service provider with an excellent track record ready to assist.

The right equipment and expertise are crucial to succeed in today’s aquaculture industry, which is why Green Sea Service from Norway has achieved great success with its delousing services in Scotland over the past five years. Managing director Stian Espeland says that they are a growing company that gladly takes on assignments for customers seeking a reliable partner in delousing.

He adds: “We have worked for large companies like Bakkafrost and Cooke Aquaculture, but also smaller companies with just a few locations in total. We are well known from Unst in Shetland to Girvan, so it’s safe to say that the entire west coast of Scotland is our operational area.

We operate out of our base in Stornoway, and travel to the places where our services are needed.”

Clean fish happily leaving the system

Clean fish happily leaving the system

There are mainly two components that make up the recipe for success for Green Sea Service.

Firstly, we receive a lot of feedback from satisfied customers that we have a solution-oriented crew that is easy to collaborate with that delivers on-site. In addition to this, we have delousing equipment that allows us to remove up to 100% of all lice without the use of pumps, brushes, or heat. This creates a very good overall package that has generated demand for our services.

With a crew of four people per shift, Green Sea Service delivers efficient delousing with a capacity of 100 to 120 tons per hour. In other words – they work fast, and thoroughly.

We are a flexible company that adapts to the needs of the customer. This also applies to the type of assignments we take on, as we can work on both long-term and short-term contracts. Those interested are welcome to contact us, and we’ll find solutions together. Our equipment is also flexible, and our smaller boat allows us to operate efficiently between the cages and at shallow waters.

One of those who has experience with Green Sea Service, and who vouches for the services the company provides, is Donnie Sinclair. He is the Head of Marine Operations for Bakkafrost Scotland.

He says: “Green Sea Service have one of the best delousing systems we’ve used in terms of clearance and fish welfare. The crew are also helpful, reliable, and deeply knowledgeable in operating their system.”

The FLS delousing technology that Green Sea Service utilises is both effective and gentle for the fish.

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