Norway MP calls for halt to overseas salmon promotion

Rasmus Hansson, Green Party (photo: Vegard Ottervig)

A Norwegian Green MP wants the country’s Seafood Council to suspend the promotion of salmon overseas until the industry addresses a range of fish welfare issues.

Rasmus Hansson, a biologist and environmental activist, has put the proposal through the central government, but it is thought unlikely he will get the answer he wants.

Elected to parliament in 2013 as the first representative for the Green Party, he has constantly argued that consumption at home needs to be reduced in order to cope with the environmental challenges facing the country.

He says that salmon marketing should be paused pending industry measures to reduce mortality and improving the industry’s own reputation on such issues.

He has referred to the 2023 Fish Health Report which showed that around 105 million salmon and trout died in various stages of production last year.

Hansson said the fish died from various causes but mostly from issues around salmon lice and damage from lice treatment.

He maintains that lice and lice treatment methods have caused enormous suffering to the fish, arguing: “A new survey shows that the reputation of the farming industry has deteriorated. However, Sjømat Norge (Seafood Norway) will not give details about the fall in reputation.”

“Norway exported salmon and trout worth NOK 128 billion in 2023, which is a new record. However, the strong rise is mainly due to the weak krone exchange rate, and export volumes have decreased somewhat since 2022.”

An official reply to his request is awaited.



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