Cermaq announces big investment in Chile

Cermaq's Nueva PCC site, Chile

Cermaq has announced that it is planning to invest around £80m in a new RAS fish farm in southern Chile.

Called Nueva PCC, Mitsubishi-owned Cermaq said it will be one of its most important projects in the region.

It will have a production capacity of 14 million smolts per year. Cermaq Chile said the second stage of the PCC (Post-Larval Capture and Cultivation) farm will be called Canal de Chacao Fish Farm.

The project, which includes cutting-edge technology in all its production phases, will allow the complete fish cycle to be carried out in Fresh Water, producing smolts from eye eggs, with a minimum average weight of 150 grams.

Pedro Courard, General Manager of Cermaq Chile (pictured), said he was happy to be able to get started.

He said: “Nueva PCC is one of Cermaq’s most important projects not only locally, but also from a global point of view, and is in line with our business strategy in Agua Dulce, where our objective is to improve the quality of our processes. delivering a smolt that maximizes performance in the watering phase.”

Cermaq says the investment will be the company’s largest and will incorporate technologies that will fully automate the process, always ensuring the highest environmental standards.

Among its main characteristics are the use of fresh, brackish and sea water, which generates a better adaptation of the fish for their next phase, and it has eleven epidemiological units which increases biosafety in the production processes.

Álvaro Poblete, Production Manager of Cermaq Chile, explained: “It will also incorporate sustainable waste management through the treatment of sludge with high technology, in order to reduce final disposal, transforming it into a by-product for the generation of fertilizers for agriculture.

“Likewise, in line with our sustainability strategy, the geographical location is also strategic since it allows direct loading to wellboats, reducing truck movements and optimising time and resources.”

Pedro Courard, Cermaq Chile


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