Loch Long’s Hawthorn in marathon effort

Stewart Hawthorn completes the 2024 Boston Marathon

Loch Long Salmon’s Stewart Hawthorn has run the Boston Marathon, raising funds for an organisation that aims to preserve traditional Gaelic culture.

Stirling-based Stewart Hawthorn – Managing Director at Loch Long Salmon – raised over £4,500 for the Gaelic Books Council by completing the 2024 Boston Marathon in three hours, 23 minutes and 22 seconds.

Hawthorn, 57, said he had been inspired by his wife, Kerry, who established a weekly gathering for Gaelic speakers and learners in Stirling.

Having witnessed the successful revitalisation of Te Reo Māori in New Zealand during his global fish farming career, Hawthorn said he believes that Scottish Gaelic can follow a similar path.

The Gaelic Books Council (Comhairle nan Leabhraichean) is an organisation committed to the preservation and promotion of Scottish Gaelic literature and culture. As the lead organisation responsible for supporting Gaelic writers and publishers, the Council plays a pivotal role in ensuring the continued production and distribution of Gaelic books in Scotland and internationally.

Hawthorn said: “I am immensely proud to have raised £4,589 for the Gaelic Books Council who support the vital role of literature in preserving Scotland’s rich Gaelic heritage.

“The Gaelic language is not just a part of our past; it’s a living, breathing aspect of our cultural identity that deserves to be cherished and nurtured. Through initiatives like this, we reaffirm our collective responsibility to ensure that Gaelic continues to thrive for generations to come.  I hope my effort will inspire others to raise funds for this important cultural cause”.

He raised sponsorship for the cause via a GoFundMe page.

Alison Lang, Director of the Gaelic Books Council said: “This is an amazing achievement, and we are delighted that Stewart was able to complete the race in such a fast time. The money he has raised will make a huge difference to Comhairle nan Leabhraichean.

“We have a tight budget this year, so every extra pound we can raise will go towards commissioning new books, supporting writers and publishers, and bringing Gaelic literature events to readers of all ages. Congratulations, Stewart, and our sincere thanks to you and to all the people who have sponsored you for such generosity.”

In preparation for Boston, Hawthorn ran the Solway Coastal Marathon (May 2022), the Florence Marathon (November 2022) and the Edinburgh Marathon (May 2023).

Hawthorn raises a dram to the Gaelic Books Council, after the Boston Marathon


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