EU salmon processors increase prod-fish pressure

Prod fish

European Union salmon processors are demanding that Norway calls an end to the ban on exporting “prod” or damaged fish.

The joint call, has come from the EU Salmon Processors Union which includes key countries such as Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

The Norwegian authorities, and much of its salmon industry, is so far resisting the demands.

The Union has described the situation as “facing a crucial challenge that affects us all, and it is high time we take collective action”.

And it claims the Norwegian ban is creating very high prices for superior and ordinary fish.

The statement said: “This export ban favours a couple of domestic Norwegian salmon processors, while leaving thousands of EU salmon buyers with lacking availability and extreme prices for superior and ordinary salmon.”

The Union says this is urgent and important for the future of its member businesses and the “industry in general.”

The statement continues: “As salmon processors in Europe, we are facing a crucial challenge that affects us all, and it is high time we take collective action.

“Norway categorises salmon as Superior, Ordinary, and Production Grade salmon (also known as prod-fish). It allows superior and ordinary fish to be exported but prohibits the sale of prod-fish.

“Prod-fish must be processed domestically into fillets so that visual deformities can be removed and the quality image of Norwegian salmon is secured.”

It says the use of prod-fish from Norway used to be less than 8% but this share had now risen to more than 40% during certain (mainly winter) times of the year, creating a disorderly and chaotic situation for both farmers and European processors.

The union adds: “It is evident that we can no longer remain passive while this ban harms and threatens the very existence of our industry.”


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