Norwegian salmon prices hit 2024 high in run up to Easter


Fresh salmon prices hit their highest level of the year in Norway last week, according to the latest official figures.

Statistics Norway, which monitors trends on a weekly basis, said the salmon price averaged NOK 115.19  (£8.50) in the immediate run-up to the Easter holiday (week 13)  per kilo against NOK 106.78 (£7.88), a rise of NOK 8.41 in just seven days.

The export total fell markedly by almost 4,000 tonnes (almost 30%)  to 9,512 tonnes but that is probably due to the short Easter week. Both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are bank holidays in Norway, when almost everything shuts down.

Prices in the preceding two weeks were sluggish, suggesting there would be no Easter spurt this year and the Norwegian salmon network indicates that prices have remained high with large fish selling at more than NOK 130 per kilo (£10). Even small fish are making good money.

The price of frozen salmon dropped slightly last week to NOK 88.74 per kilo (£6.55) on sales of 518 tonnes.

Fresh salmon prices got off to a flier straight after Christmas, when they were averaging  over NOK 100 a kilo  and, despite occasional fluctuations,  have remained firm ever since.

They are predicted to remain firm for the rest of the year, the only exception being the peak summer holiday period when they traditionally fall back.

This is because the supply situation remains uncertain. Production in Chile is likely to drop this year due to various biological issues, and it is the same situation with Scotland and some parts of Norway.


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