Feed from Scotland helped Cooke produce Chile’s first organic farmed salmon

Cooke Chile celebrates the first harvest of its organic salmon

Cooke Aquaculture’s feed mill in Scotland is playing a key role in helping to produce the company’s first organic salmon in Chile.

The organic salmon now being harvested by Cooke Chile is that country’s first organic farm-raised Atlantic salmon. Organic salmon will initially be equivalent to 25% of Cooke’s total salmon production in Chile.

It is certified organic pursuant to European Commission regulations and equivalents in Great Britain. Cooke Chile organic salmon is now approved to use the EU Organic green and white leaf logo for export to EU and Great Britain markets. Companies that hold this certification must meet strict conditions related to all stages of production, processing, transportation, and storage – including feed.

“This milestone in Chilean salmon farming is a result of keen innovation and strong dedication to providing a sustainable food source,” said Andres Parodi, Regional General Manager for Latin America at Cooke. “This is a true companywide vision and was made possible because of the collaborative efforts and support along the way.”

Cooke Chile adopted changes throughout the entire production chain to implement new technologies and the use of modern farming processes specifically as it relates to stocking density and feed.

Staff at Cooke's Invergordon feed mill with two large feed bags

Staff at Cooke’s Invergordon feed mill

Scotland plays its part

Organic feed is not yet available in Chile, so the company provides feed from its affiliated feed mill in Invergordon, Scotland, to aid in organic production. Cooke acquired the mill from Skretting in 2019.

In order to qualify for “organic” status, all feed ingredients used during production must also be organic, and fish oil and fishmeal used in the feed must come only from 100% certified sustainable fisheries. Cooke also used Panaferd, a 100% natural and ecological ingredient, for the astaxanthin element in the salmon’s diet.

Stocking density inside the sea cages is also adjusted with the new organic farming structure, where there is 99% water and only 1% salmon.

Fish oil and fishmeal come only from 100% certified sustainable fisheries. ● For the natural color of the salmon, Panaferd was used, a 100% natural and ecological dye. ● Biosecurity management free of chemicals.

“Our team in Chile has driven this project forward with passion, commitment and respect for the environment. We are proud of this achievement, and credit the hard work of our people for dedicating years to accomplish this,” said Glenn Cooke, CEO, Cooke Inc. “We have invested heavily in Atlantic salmon breeding programs, fish feed production, eco-friendly fish health treatment technologies, and innovative marine farming equipment.”

Cooke currently offers certified organic salmon from Scotland as well as certified organic shrimp from Seajoy in Central America. The company also raises salmon in several locations without the use of antibiotics and holds third party certifications and recommendations across all operations.

Salmon farm, Cooke Chile


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