World’s first climate-neutral boat hull and safe eco-friendly workboat

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AKVA group is launching the world’s first boat hull made from climate-neutral recycled materials.

The recycled polymer material for the hull, which AKVA group have developed, is based on used cooking oil. The new boat hull is part of the iconic range of Polarcirkel boats.

“With this innovative approach, the Polarcirkel maintain their status as reliable and robust work boats, while now offering a greener alternative for the aquaculture industry,” says Freddy Bakken Braseth, General Manager of AKVA group Helgeland Plast. AKVA group has achieved ISCC PLUS certification (“International Sustainability and Carbon Certification”) for its use of bio-based and recycled raw materials such as forest waste and cooking oil. The certification ensures quality and safety standards for products. This shift from fossil raw materials to plant-based materials makes the boat hull climate-neutral without changing its quality and safety.



“Safety at sea is our priority, and this is achieved with the recycled material. This initiative offers a solution for the aquaculture industry, enabling environmentally conscious choices,” he says. Polarcirkel boats are used in various sectors, from aquaculture and rescue services to recreational use.

Lower Carbon Footprint
The recycled polymer construction consists of 90% bio-circular materials, contributing to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) have shown that this new material has a carbon footprint of only 0.004 kg CO2E/kg, a marked improvement compared to the 1.9 kg CO2E/kg generated by using virgin fossil-fuel based material. The recycled material is well suited for use in products that require contact with food and in health applications, underscoring its versatility and safety.

AKVA Group new apprentices

New apprentices

“The use of this recycled material represents efficient resource utilization and contributes to a circular economy, an important step towards more sustainable production,” says Braseth.

AKVA group recently also launched the world’s first fish pen made of recycled plastic, a result of a collaboration between Oceanize, Plasto, and Nova Sea.

“AKVA group has really made a climate effort by offering climate-neutral boat hulls plus recycled fish pens. We look forward to the day the recycled pens are put into operation,” says Braseth.

Contact Akva Group Scotland, Inverness for any enquires.

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