Bakkafrost air service takes off this week

FarCargo plane on airport runway

Bakkafrost’s new air cargo service, FarCargo is due to begin operations this week.

FarCargo was set up as an associated company by Faroese salmon farmer Bakkafrost to ensure a more direct route for its exports, especially to the United States.

The proposed outbound route will go from Billund in Denmark, then onto the Faroe Islands before landing in Newark in the US. There will be a refuelling stop in Iceland.

The Boeing 757-200 aircraft will bring fresh salmon from Bakkafrost in Faroe Islands to the US. Bakkafrost has been exporting significant amounts of salmon to the US for the past several years, and with the new direct route Bakkafrost can offer daily deliveries of salmon to customers in the US, marketed as Superior+ Bakka Salmon.

A statement said: “The new connection from Newark will offer a new freight option directly from the US to the Faroe Islands, Denmark, and Northern Europe in general.”

The aircraft is equipped with energy efficient winglets and RNP 0.13 technology, making it well suitable for flight operations to and from the Faroe Islands. The aircraft’s cargo hull has been modified to hold refrigerated cargo.

It also has cooling capabilities installed on the main deck, meaning it can safely and efficiently transport perishables and pharmaceuticals, in addition to general cargo.

FarCargo has engaged NordicGSA – a part of the ECS Group – to sell cargo capacity on behalf of FarCargo.

Bakkafrost said this new air cargo operation will open up new possibilities for the Faroese market for perishables and other express shipments, and the opportunities for imports from US and Europe to the Faroes would improve significantly.

Billund Airport and Cargo Handling Billund Airport said they were delighted that FarCargo has chosen the airport as their cargo hub in Denmark.


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