Sea lice research at VESO Aqualab

Egg bearing female salmon lice

Sea lice – a point of focus
VESO is a world leading contract research facility, committed to the conduct of state-of-the-art trials with fish and fish pathogens. Our main focus is on know-how regarding host-pathogen interactions and on conducting experimental challenge procedures with the pathogens that commonly affect aquaculture of cold-water species. A particular point of focus has been on establishing standardised in vivo and in vitro trial models with the sea lice species Lepeophtheirus salmonis.

Well-established challenge models
In vivo challenge procedures are ultimately used to establish efficacy, safety and tolerance profiles for vaccines and pharmaceuticals and the effects of functional feeds, and to generate biomarkers for identification of genetic resistance motifs against sea lice in constructed heterogeneous fish populations. Optimal modes of treatment, dosage regimes and safety levels for test compounds may in some cases be found by combining our in vitro bioassays with in vivo fish/parasite trials in our challenge facilities. Our aim is to provide valid results using well-proven experimental models that reflect real-life situations in commercial salmon aquaculture.

The VESO sea lice team (L-R): Christian Wallace; Sigmund Sevatdal; Marie Løvoll

The VESO sea lice team (L-R): Christian Wallace; Sigmund Sevatdal; Marie Løvoll

Highest quality standards
VESO’s sea lice team is highly experienced and has worked with L. salmonis for many years. This ensures that trial design and data will be collected and stored according to stringent quality standards for pharmaceutical research. Please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team if you would like to discuss any sea lice-related topic.


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