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AQUAWINGS is promoting productivity and environmental sustainability of aquaculture sites through IoT and artificial intelligence

The human population is constantly growing, reaching tremendous numbers and creating a relatively huge demand for food. Aquaculture, among the world’s fastest-growing food production systems, is critical in meeting such demands. However, this ongoing demand for fish protein comes together with two main challenges:
• High feed costs – amounting to 60% of total production cost; and 
• Extensive manual operations that restrict the sustainability and profitability of the industry. 

Nowadays, aquaculture lacks advanced tools that can potentially assist with the optimisation, profitability and environmental awareness of the industry.

AQUAWINGS has been developed as a smart aquaculture solution to compete with the aforementioned challenges. It provides real time measurement and transmission of data over NB-IoT and 4G/5G and also leverages several capabilities offered by communication gateways and new developments based on artificial intelligence and data analytics. Eventually, innovative tools and added value services can be included within operational procedures.

AQUAWINGS solution

The solution comprises the following:
Multi-variable sensors (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, P redox etc.) installed in aquaculture infrastructure, that will automatically collect and transmit data, in contrast to the manual process.
Cameras (underwater) that continuously record and store image and video data of farmed species.
WINGS smart Gateway: a smart data transmission unit that retrieves and sends data from sensors, cameras over any available network (NB-IoT, 3G/4G/5G, WiFi, GPRS, LoRa) and provides remote configuration, management and adjustment of measurement and transmission profiles and eventually allowing added value functionalities offered by WINGS Aquaculture Platform (see below).
WINGS Aquaculture Platform (pictured, top of article) combining artificial intelligence, and custom-made dashboards, that enable full control of farm performance and decision-support capabilities for the user.

Behavior (mobility) monitoring

The AQUAWINGS solution offers:
• Production monitoring;
• Weight estimation through WINGS video analytic algorithms;
• Feeding optimization; and
• Behaviour (mobility) analysis and disease prevention.

AQUAWINGS’ competitive advantages include:
Feed waste reduction 10-12%
Feeding optimisation by:
• Real time fish behaviour monitoring
• Average weight estimation by WINGS AI
• Real time environmental parameters monitoring
Reduce labor costs by up to 20%.
• Fish sampling is a very stressful, labour-intensive and time-consuming process.
• Relocation of Human Resources to other needs and significant reduction in fuel cost.
• 24/7 real time monitoring.

AQUAWINGS advanced technology has been developed to enhance the daily routine of the fish farmer. However, it is up to the aquaculture producers to adapt such innovative tools, connect it with their experience and eventually trust this technology and make it worth it.

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