SalMar records harvest of 254,000 tonnes in 2023

SalMar farm, Mefjord, northern Norway

SalMar, the world’s second largest salmon farmer, is today reporting a final quarter harvest of 83,200 tonnes – and a 2023 full year harvest of 254,100 tonnes.

However, comparison with the previous period are not valid as SalMar had not yet fully absorbed its takeover target, the NTS group, 12 months ago.

Figures for Scottish Sea Farms, in which SalMar owns a half share, will be made known when the full report is published next month.

The Q4 breakdown is as follows:

  • Farming Central Norway 42,300 tonnes;
  • Farming Northern Norway 31,400 tonnes;
  • the offshore development business SalMar Aker Ocean 2,300 tonnes; and
  • Icelandic Salmon 7,200 tonnes.

The figures for the full year 2023 are:

  • SalMar Central Norway 141,100 tonnes;
  • Farming Northern Norway 92,800 tonnes;
  • SalMar Aker Ocean 2,300 tonnes; and
  • Icelandic Salmon 17,900 tonnes.

The interesting development over the past few months is the first reported harvest for SalMar Aker Ocean. The company’s Icelandic business has also been growing, producing an 1,800 tonne higher harvest during 2023 compared with the year before.

The full report will be published on 15 February.

Last week SalMar said it was lowering its 2023 harvest by 5,000 tonnes due to “pearl norman” jellyfish (also known as “string” jellyfish) attacks towards the end of last year. The jellyfish have also affected other companies along the Norwegian coast.

The company was also forced to destroy around 600,000 fish because of the problem.

The industry organisation Seafood Norway has described the jellyfish “invasion” as a biological phenomenon which had developed beyond the industry’s control.


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