Nordlaks hails lasers in battle against lice

Stingray laser, as deployed at Nordlaks

North Norwegian salmon farmer Nordlaks says it is so pleased with laser technology in tackling lice that it has decided to invest in up to 50 machines.

Nordlaks says it has tested the use of lice lasers from Stingray Marine Solutions at two locations, Havfarmen outside Hadseløya and Litjevika in Dyrøy municipality.

The lasers (pictured) are lowered into the cages where the beams are directed at lice on the salmon.

This kills the lice, but does not harm the salmon. In contrast to deworming, the salmon can be in their natural environment and are not stressed.

The results after use at the two locations have been sensational, says the company.

Bjarne Johansen. manager at Nordlaks Havbruk, said: “At Havfarmen, which is our largest facility, we have managed without deworming this year.

“We released fish this summer and this year there have been extra salmon lice due to the hot summer. Nevertheless, we have managed to keep the lice numbers in check.”

In Litjevika, too, there was no need for de-licing after the lasers were installed. After the success at Havfarmen and Litjevika, Nordlaks has now invested in a further 50 lice lasers from Stingray.

Some 12 machines were deployed in 2022 and a further 20 last year.

Nordlaks said the lasers will be installed at five to six new facilities and will result in lice lasers being used on 20% to 30% of Nordlaks’ production.

Johansen said: “Nordlaks must be among the best in its class when it comes to fish health and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Because we believe in lasers as part of a holistic, effective fight against salmon lice, we are constantly increasing the number of lasers.”

The General Manager of Stingray, John Arne Breivik, said he was proud of the development, adding: “We see Nordlaks as a quality-conscious breeder who works purposefully with fish welfare and challenges us to improve on the important things.”


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