Proximar’s salmon reach first post-smolt grow-out stage

The first fish transferred to Proximar's post-smolt facility, December 2023

Proximar Seafood AS has just announced that the first batch of Atlantic salmon has been successfully transferred from the nursery department to the post smolt grow-out facility (PSG).

The fish will be harvested at the company’s Oyama facility near Mount Fuji during the third quarter of 2024.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Dharma Rajeswaran said: “It is a great milestone to finally initiate operations in the PSG facility. We have been waiting with excitement for this day, and I am pleased to see that the move into the new building has been successful.

“Our team has done a fantastic job in preparing for this transfer.

The company said that following the completion of construction works in September, installation and testing of the RAS-equipment has progressed swiftly in the first module of the post grow-out facility , and the grow out-building has been prepared to receive the first batches in accordance with the schedule.

Installation of RAS-equipment in the remaining three modules will continue in the coming months, aligned with the required capacity and production plan.

The fish now transferred were brought into Proximar’s hatchery in 2022 and have since then been through the first feeding and nursery department, before finally being smoltified and transferred to the first operational module in the PSG this week.

During this period the fish has performed very well in terms of growth and showing low mortality, demonstrating the good performance of the facility.

CEO Joachim Nielsen said: “As the first commercial producer of Atlantic salmon in Japan, we are enthusiastic about reaching this phase of the production with top tier fish from our own smolt production.

“Given that the PSG facility is based on the same technology as the nursery, we are confident that we will be able to continue to provide Atlantic salmon with excellent fish welfare- and growth-conditions going forward.”

There are currently nine batches in operation at Oyama, with the tenth batch joining by the end of December.

More biological details will be provided by Proximar in a production update early next month.


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