AlgaEurope 2023 highlights algae opportunities

Prof Angela Wulff is also a co-founder of the Swedish Algae Factory

AlgaEurope 2023, the leading conference highlighting breakthroughs and trends in the algae biomass sector, attracted 407 delegates from 40 countries and 221 organisations.

Hosted in Prague, Czech Republic, from 12-15 December, the event unfolded over four days featuring a curated programme delivered by 112 expert speakers. The content spanned scientific, technological, and business dimensions within the global algae biomass sector.

Exploring an array of subjects, AlgaEurope is one of the most comprehensive conferences in its field. In Prague, more than 20 plenary sessions covered Physiology, Biorefinery, Food, Feed, Biostimulant, Bioremediation and Biomaterial among others. The conference featured distinguished keynote speakers, including Sónia Ventura (Portugal), Susana Coelho (Germany), Angela Wulff (Sweden, pictured), and Robert Henrikson (USA), offering profound insights and expertise.

One of the highlights of the conference was the poster presentation area, providing researchers with a platform to present their work. Some 136 scientific authors presented their work. The introduction of the Poster Presentation Award this year recognized outstanding contributions.

“Another year of great success with key topics which have unravelled the promising future of the algae sector. The EABA community is growing very fast and this is also reflected in the success of AlgaEurope. We have a unique conference and it has become the reference event in the algae sector,” said Carlos Unamunzaga, President of EABA.

Beyond the informative sessions, attendees engaged in various networking components, such as the Algae Happy Hour and the Conference Dinner at the Municipal House. A notable addition this year was the AlgaEurope App, providing enhanced connectivity.

Moreover, the trade show aspect of the conference drew substantial interest, with a record-setting of 25 companies that showcased their cutting-edge products and services, further highlighting the industry’s growth and innovation.

Kuno Jacobs, Managing Director of DLG Benelux, expressed satisfaction, stating: “Once again AlgaEurope has proven to be the leading event in Europe and beyond for the algae community, drawing together 407 delegates from 40 countries, supported by 13 sponsors, and featuring the participation of 25 trade show exhibitors. AlgaEurope becomes more and more a platform where science, technology and industry meet, and it is our ambition to further develop and strengthen the position of AlgaEurope in the coming years.”

The organisers would like to thank all sponsors for their contributions and support. Sponsors for this year included A4F, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, Microphyt, SCHOTT, Q.ANT, Brightwave, Lgem, Photon Systems Instruments, Algaia, Algama, Carniolus and Protinext.

AlgaEurope is jointly organised by EABA and DLG Benelux. The next AlgaEurope conference will be held in Athens, 10-12 December 2024.

EABA stand at AlgaEurope 2023


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