China overtaking Japan in salmon consumption

Andreas Thorud

China has taken over from Japan as the leading Asian market for Norwegian salmon, new data shows.

So far this year Norway’s salmon farmers have sold 60% more salmon to China than over the same time before the pandemic.

The Norwegian Seafood Council says: “When such things happen it is important to be on the ball.

“We must maintain our market share and get the Chinese to associate Norwegian seafood with quality, safety and good taste.

Andreas Thorud, Seafood Council’s envoy in China, (who is leaving for a commercial salmon industry post), has together with several Norwegian exporters profiled Norwegian seafood at the major fairs China Fisheries & Seafood Expo in Qingdao and China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai.

He said: “China is an extremely exciting country at the moment, which is why we have been keen to showcase seafood of Norwegian origin at these large fairs.

“The participation at CIIE in particular has given Norway good visibility. CIIE is a prestigious project for the Chinese authorities, and participants there receive a lot of attention. We have concentrated on showcasing our seafood products, with the message that this is healthy and correct food.”

Thorud believes trade fair participation and PR exposure are important, especially because of China’s focus on the health of its population, which is also part of the government’s goals anchored in “Healthy China 2030″.

The latter will ensure that the Chinese population has access to good health, including through the right diet.

“We have been keen to show that Norwegian seafood can be a small part of the total solution”, he explained.


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