Project on using entire cod for human consumption

From the  left - Tor Olav Seim, head of business development and founder of Ode and (right)  Claus Opshaug CEO and founder of C Food.

The  Norwegian cod farmer Ode and the innovative business C Food Norway  have come together on a project to utilise the entire cod.

Ode is the world’s largest cod producer while C Food Norway is recognised for their focus on sustainable seafood production and resource utilisation.

The project involves using the entire fish for human consumption and involves C Food Norway developing by-products from Ode’s cod production.

The purpose is to explore new, exciting markets for products such as cod heads, backbones, swim bladders, fish skin, and liver – to ensure that the entire fish is utilised and put to good use.

Tor Olav Seim Head of Strategy and Business Development and founder of Ode, said: “Our ambition at Ode has always been to revolutionise the whitefish industry, not just by producing top-quality cod, but also by being a pioneer in sustainable utilisation of marine resources.

He added: “The world needs more protein from the sea – cod is high in protein and now we can also utilise our entire product.

“Through our partnership with C Food Norway, we are taking a big step forward to realize this vision. We look forward to work with a company that shares our values of innovation and sustainability.”

Claus Opshaug, CEO and founder of C Food Norway, said: “C Food Norway has built its business model on sustainable seafood products from both wild fish and aquaculture.

“The goal of the collaboration is to be able to use the by-products from Ode in existing and new ready-made products that C Food Norway develops.

“We believe there is unexploited potential in being able to use larger parts of the fish for food, and we look forward to working closely with Ode to succeed in this.”

C Food Norway, known for its innovative approach to seafood production and reduction of waste, will through this agreement expand its operations to include by-products from the aquaculture industry.

Both companies believe this collaboration is an example of how industry players can work together to promote more sustainable food production.

Featured image: From the  left – Tor Olav Seim, head of business development and founder of Ode and (right)  Claus Opshaug CEO and founder of C Food.


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