Solving salmon skin problems


BioMar’s Assist Skin helps to make salmon more resilient and healthy

In salmon farming, maintaining optimal skin health is crucial for ensuring fish welfare and maximising productivity. Assist Skin, a research-based feed solution from BioMar, has proven to be a powerful tool to proactively address potential skin challenges and promote overall fish health.

Skin protection
The skin of a salmon serves as the first line of defence. However, various factors can compromise this protective layer, leading to skin lesions, infections, impaired welfare, and lower final product quality. With the increasing frequency of handling events and treatments now taking place in a typical production cycle, we are seeing customers starting to use Assist Skin more frequently throughout the year.

Accelerated wound healing
Wound healing is a long and complicated process that can take more than 50 days. Assist Skin serves as a healing catalyst, accelerating the repair process and restoring skin integrity. Nutrition is important to prevent ulceration, wound healing and to support the fish through challenging periods. Assist Skin provides a rich supply of essential nutrients and bioactive compounds that stimulate cell regeneration and collagen synthesis, the building blocks of tissue repair. Inflammation is one of the natural responses to injury, but it is important to avoid excessive inflammation as this can hinder the wound healing process. By being able to both control and regulate the immune response, Assist Skin creates a favourable environment for wound healing and skin repair.

R&D trial to evaluate the effect of Assist Skin on wound preventing and healing over a period of 11 weeks

Immune system support
Assist Skin plays a crucial role in bolstering the salmon’s immune system, empowering it to combat infections and maintain overall health. It provides a rich supply of essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and beta glucans, that are vital for the development and function of immune cells. A stronger immune system enables salmon to better withstand environmental stressors and resist parasitic attacks, and helps to minimise the risk of wound-related infections, ensuring a smoother healing process.
Field-proven results
Practical applications of Assist Skin in salmon farms have demonstrated significant outcomes:
• Reduced skin lesions: Research has shown a significant reduction in skin lesions in salmon fed with Assist Skin compared to those on a standard diet.
• Faster wound healing: Assist Skin has been shown to accelerate wound healing by up to 40% compared to control diets.

Conclusion: a proactive approach to skin health
As part of BioMar’s comprehensive SmartCare portfolio, Assist Skin stands as one of the many innovative and proven solutions dedicated to enhancing fish welfare. Incorporating Assist Skin into salmon feed strategies ensures healthier skin, reduced lesions, faster recovery, and enhanced overall fish welfare. This contributes to increased profitability for salmon farmers and a more sustainable Scottish salmon industry.
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