Maximising Mussel Farming Success with JFC Marines’ Floats


JFC Marine offers a range of single and double-line mussel floats designed to revolutionise mussel farming

Manufactured in Ireland, their floats provide distinct advantages for farmers seeking to optimise their crop yields and profitability.

For single-line setups, JFC Marine offers the SF200 (200L) and SF40 (40L) floats. The SF200 float features dual mooring eyes, reducing twisting on the mooring line and float loss. Its low-profile design minimises vertical motion, leading to higher yields in less time. By combining the SF40 and SF200 floats, farmers can tailor floatation as their crop grows.

JFC Marine’s double-line floats ranging from 200L to 330L are engineered to minimise float movement and reduce vertical motion, resulting in increased stability. The patented fin design enhances stability, even in turbulent sea conditions, further reducing crop loss. The strong mooring eyes ensure secure attachment, while the offset handles are strategically positioned to allow efficient submersion of the headline.

The double-line floats, like their single-line counterparts, are made from UV-stabilised polyethylene and are 100% recyclable. Their marine grey colour not only blends harmoniously with the environment but also reduces visual impact.

By offering superior stability, durability, and adaptability, JFC Marine’s mussel floats empower farmers to maximise their yields and profitability.

These floats represent a significant advancement in mussel farming technology, shaping the future of the aquaculture industry. Through their dedication to innovative designs, JFC Marine continues to lead the way in revolutionising mussel farming practices.


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