SPECK Pumpen is expanding into aquaculture 


Aquaculture is a global growth sector

The high potential of this market prompted SPECK to develop a tailor-made range designed to meet the special requirements of the industry. In contrast to its competitors, SPECK does not use stainless steel for its aquaculture pumps, but a high-quality, fully plastic design or rather technically high-performance plastic. This offers several advantages, including corrosion resistance, lighter weight, electrical separation and a price advantage.

SPECK’s aquaculture product range focuses on fish farming in closed recirculation systems, large aquariums, koi farming and shrimp farms as well as ponds and streams. As with all areas of application, SPECK offers service, flexibility and the adaptation of products to the customers’ individual needs.

Find out more at: speck-pumps.com/aquaculture


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