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Askvik Aqua is revolutionising fish stunning for enhanced welfare

Global consumers increasingly prioritise the wellbeing of the fish they eat. This pivotal aspect remains at the forefront of Askvik Aqua’s mission as it provides innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry.

“At Askvik Aqua, we offer a range of cutting-edge products for the aquaculture industry; from electrofilters designed to mitigate parasites in wastewater and intake pipes, and crowding nets that collect sea lice during fish handling, to our novel fish stunning systems that effectively and rapidly induce anaesthesia in fish,” states Steffen Kildal, CEO of Askvik Aqua.

Kildal explains that Askvik Aqua has developed a robust and scalable technology that enables swift and efficient stunning of fish, directly in the pump lines. This technology is integrated into all Askvik Electro-Stunners, the flagship product line of the company.

Askvik Aqua is also receiving enquiries for stunning systems designed for other species such as trout, sea bass, king prawns, and mackerel, both within Norway and beyond.

The technology utilised in Askvik Electro-Stunners has undergone extensive testing in pilot and production facilities, successfully meeting the stringent requirements for rapid stunning in Norway and the European Union.

“Our system can be utilised in onshore and offshore fish farms, hatcheries, and vessels, alongside grinders or other approved killing methods. It serves to stun fish prior to slaughter, as well as for selectively removing fish due to illness or other production challenges,” Kildal explains.

Swift and efficient stunning techniques
In addition to ensuring humane slaughter, Askvik Electro-Stunners streamline the process. Stunning occurs within the water flow, without the need for fish handling, so the fish does not have to be removed from the water before electro-stunning.

“The continuous development of systems that enhance animal welfare is highly commendable. This not only applies to Askvik Electro-Stunners but also to our other novel products such as the catchLICE crowding nets and the Askvik Electrofilters, both of which contribute to reducing disease transmission and the need for excessive treatments. This results in improved sustainability and reduced impact on both fish and the environment,” he emphasises.


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