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Underwater ROVs do not have to be costly or hard to use

The adoption of underwater vehicles in the aquaculture industry to improve access to underwater assets and increase operational  efficiency has grown swiftly in the past decades. Today’s vehicles are able to stay on station longer, dive deeper and deliver real-time video for analysis. Yet, they have until now remained a complicated and expensive alternative to professional divers, requiring extensive training to operate and maintain. This can be daunting to operators especially when faced with a bewildering array of underwater vehicles and technology that can vary hugely in cost, performance and reliability.

The Bayonet 250 crawler

The Bayonet 250 crawler

Wight Ocean Ltd has 30 years’ experience in marine robotics technology. Based in the UK, Wight Ocean helps customers in selecting underwater technologies, offering marine robotics solutions, systems and expertise. Wight Ocean partners with leading underwater equipment manufacturers and software suppliers to provide unique solutions that solve customer operational and technical challenges.

Two examples of this are The Oceanbotics™ ROVs which offer “drone-like” vehicles that are easy to learn and use to inspect and maintain underwater infrastructure, and Bayonet’s unique range of amphibious seabed crawlers, which provide an excellent platform for conducting remotely controlled or fully autonomous seabed operations.

These systems bring a wide range of payloads into play like never before. Bayonet vehicles go where other systems cannot, operating safely, free of weather and sea state constraints, and in all surface traffic environments.

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